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Our Horses

Our herd in the spring of 2017. The mares to the left - the stallions to the right.

Our horses are as nature intended: barefoot, in the company of a herd, and out in green, rolling pastures. Even our stallions are in the company of someone- either mares or each other! We had a trainer once tell us that our horses are more 'pets' than actual horses. But being pampered and played with like pets is basically how their handled, and it makes for very affectionate companions! They all keep me sane with their everlasting devotion and drive me insane as I fuss over their well-being. It’s almost like being a parent and they behave a lot like small kids, which is why a lot of the time I refer to my animals as my ‘furry children’. But in quoting a song by my favorite band- “It seems to ease my mind to know that you’ve brought meaning to my life.” So I wouldn't trade it for the world.




... Our Kerry Bog Program

Our Kerry Bog program has the intention to preserve the Kerry Bog Pony with its sturdy conformation and maintaining the quiet, friendly temperament and amazing versatility. As of this moment, our broodmare stock consists mostly of The Spotted Badger descent with hints of Old Peat and Dempsey Bog; our stallions bring Quagmire Prince and The Brave Badger into the mix for a perfect blend of outcrossing and linebreeding to our girls. Both my parents and I collaborate on this breeding program.

Our prefix "Silverlight" refers to two things: the "silver" in reference to our stables, and "light" in reference to our efforts to help bring the Kerry Bog Pony out of extinction and into the 'light' of the public eye.




**We will be breeding two of our mares in the spring and hoping for foals in 2018. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact us!**



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