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Meet "Dancer"

Dancer came to us for breeding until our stud colt, Kili became of age. Sadly, he had come to us in a very chronically neglected state and it took us all winter to get him into peak physical condition. After 5 months of good nutrition and lots of room to run and play, he finally started to look like the proud stallion he was supposed to be. And we are happy to have him- and will continue to have him for the rest of his life.

Dancer's been an absolute sweetheart since the day I met him. I cannot say enough good things about this particular stallion! His demeanor is the epitomy of the Kerry Bog Pony type: gentle, easy to handle, and willing to do anything we ask. He has also been a great mentor to Kili and it has been a blast watching them play with each other out in the field. We are very much looking forward to all the foals he'll produce with us in the coming years!


**We are expecting foals from Dancer with 2 mares in 2018!**
Dixie Mayre - due in April
Tullycullion Lily - due in August


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Dancer brings a rare sire line to foundation stallion The Brave Badger that is not seen here in the United States. His dam also contains The Spotted Badger as her sire and Dempsey Bog and Fox's Lick background from her dam. With this combination, we bring into our program sure conformational solidity, gentle and intelligent personality, and just enough outcross to compliment our mares.


Dancer's sire- The Bog Badger






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